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Streamlined Medical Billing & Coding

Take the hassle out of billing and coding when you choose Matrix. By using iClaim and CodeRite technologies, we offer a stress-free billing and coding system that gives you complete control over your patients' records. With our proven system, you can expect increased collections and reduced denials that will ultimately maximize your earning potential.


Our easy-to-use billing service enables you to access numerous reports in real-time with the touch of a button. For your peace of mind, the iClaim system also allows you to receive payments quickly and minimize unpaid claims. We have one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry, with 98% of our claims paid on the first submission. We make sure that you get your funds without delay.

24-Hour Access
iClaim also allows you to access both reports and the online scheduler from any computer or iPad with internet access. This enables doctors to keep tabs on absolutely every aspect of the billing cycle anytime, anywhere.

Web-Base Application


Improve your reimbursement rates by up to 30% with our coding services. When you choose CodeRite, a certified coding specialist will personally review each and every claim in order to make sure you're getting the maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter.

The Right Code for the Right Situation
CodeRite will also help you stop the guesswork and eliminate under-billing. Choosing the right code for a patient encounter is not always simple. You need to use the best code to correctly balance revenue optimization with steadfast compliance. CodeRite will help you select the right code and eliminate unnecessary claim denials and delays. Additionally, this state-of-the-art system is ICD-10 compliant.

Fast & Efficient
CodeRite is a web-based application designed to fit into your current workflow. Most coding reviews are returned within 24 hours, and the results are available in our real-time reporting system or can be securely delivered to your current practice management system. For more detailed information, please give us a call.